Prior learning assessments

Adult learners who have been away from a formal learning environment can take advantage of a Prior Learning Assessment that may be able to give credit for learning associated with life and work experiences.

Here at UNB we have a progressive Prior Learning Policy, whereby a student's previous learning can be evaluated and may be credited toward a specific UNB program of study.

What is PLA?

Prior Learning Assessment refers to the systematic evaluation of learning that an individual has achieved through work, volunteer experience, life, and educational experiences and providing evidence that learning to the expected outcomes of courses and programs that a student, seeking credit, is enrolled at UNB for the purpose of granting credit where appropriate.  

Benefits of PLA

Credits obtained through the PLA process can: 

  • Build confidence as you begin working towards your educational goals
  • Reduce the amount of time needed to complete your degree
  • Increase your motivation for learning and reduce duplication of learning

PLA Process

After you have applied and been accepted to a program at UNB and a transfer credit assessment, if applicable, has been completed the process then begins by downloading the PLA Flow Chart and the Application Form for PLA Credit.

After reviewing the PLA Flow Chart you can contact our College of Extended Learning, 506.458.7976 or email to set up an appointment. 

When preparing for your meeting you will want to bring: 

  • Your educational background, both formal (e.g. institution based courses/programs) and non-formal (e.g., work based seminars, workshops) 
  • Your work experience detailing responsibilities for each position held. 
  • Any additional personal/professional information relevant for PLA
  • Non-formal training, and non-formal learning examples


A Prior Learning Assessment:

Analysis and evidence of your learning is presented and assessed through one or more of the following methods (determined by the faculty)

  • Portfolio of learning experiences
  • Interview with content specialist
  • Challenge exam
  • Product or skill demonstration 

Each case is treated individually and assessments are completed in a variety of ways to suit individual situations. 

For more information and to get started please visit our Prior Learning Assessment Centre or contact us to set up an appointment.