Common questions

How long will it take to complete my degree? The time it takes you to complete your degree depends on a number of factors.  As a student, you can take anywhere from 1 - 5 classes a semester.  If you are coming to us with credits from another university or college then that may impact the length of time it takes to complete your program.

Do my credits still count from when I was here last? Yes, any credits you received while studying here remain on your transcripts and, where applicable, can be used towards your degree. 

I don't have the entrance requirements to the program I want, do I have to do upgrading? Yes, however many entrance requirements that are needed to get into specific programs can usually be taken here and then transferred towards your degree.  If you don't think you meet the entrance requirements, take a look at our admissions page and then contact one of our recruiters. 

What services are available? Here at UNB Saint John we have a long list of services available to help you through your time here.  Take a look at our student services page to get a sense of what we offer.

Does my work experience count towards credit? UNB recognizes that learning happens in a variety of ways, and we work with you to recognize the learning that has taken place outside of the classroom through Prior Learning Assessments. 

How much does it cost? See the fee schedule for full-time, part-time and auditing courses.

I have my GED, can I still apply? Yes, we have a variety of certificate programs that are accessible for students who do not meet certain entrance requirements.