Ceremony instructions

Although graduands will receive detailed instructions at the convocation rehearsal on Thursday, Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. in the Hazen Hall Lecture Theatre, the following information is a general outline.

All graduands will gather in the Grand Hall (40 Charlotte Street) on Friday, Oct. 20, no later than 3:30 p.m., to line up in the proper order and process to the ceremony. Graduates walk in pairs, by number. You must ensure you bring your parade card with you. You will receive this at the rehearsal. If you do not attend the rehearsal, you must find a student marshal while in the Grand Hall.

The tassel dangles on the left side of the cap. (This will move to the right side of the cap after leaving the stage.) The top of the cap should rest flat on the head. Undergraduate hoods are worn with the colour showing only on the left shoulder. Hoods for higher degrees are carried on the left arm. Students receiving more than one degree wear the hood for their first degree and carry the hood for their second degree on their left arm.

For the procession, the piper will lead the Honour Guard, followed by the Student Marshals and Graduates, then the Faculty and Platform Party. The procession will proceed from the Grand Hall, across King Square, to the Imperial Theatre.

Conferring of degrees

After some preliminary words, the campus orator announces, "Candidates for the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy, Master’s and Bachelor’s will stand for the Supplication, Presentation and Admission.”

Graduands will stand in unison until completion of the presentation.

The Orator announces, "You will now proceed to your assigned place for individual presentation and acceptance."

Graduands in the front row only remain standing in readiness to move forward to the stage; other graduands remain seated. Front row graduands advance to the left side of the aisle, in single file. The person in front of you should have a lower number on his or her card. Each graduand will climb the stairs and present the card to the Orator, who does not return it.

The second row graduands stand when they are directed to do so by the Student Marshal and proceed to the foot of the stairs of the stage. Subsequently other rows stand and proceed in turn.

When the Orator reads the graduands’ names, they move across the stage, acknowledging the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick with a nod, if in attendance. Partway across the stage, the graduands will be hooded by Chancellor (if higher degree), then proceed to the far side of the stage to receive their parchments.

Graduates will stand beside their dean (or representative) to accept their parchments. (If you prefer not to shake hands with the Dean, please place your hand, palm side down, on the left side of your chest.) Pause for a photograph to be taken by the UNB photographer.

As graduates exit the stage, the tassel is moved to the right side of the cap. The right side of the hood is opened so the entire hood is shown.

Concurrent degree graduates

Graduands receiving more than one degree at a given ceremony should make themselves known to the Student Marshals at the rehearsal. They will provide you with specific instructions regarding receiving your second degree.

Concurrent degree graduands will require two hoods – one for each degree. Concurrent degree graduands may place a rental order through the regalia rental site for the first degree (gown, hood, cap) and contact graduation@unb.ca to arrange for a second hood at no additional charge. The graduand will pick up both hoods at the same time but must return all rental regalia immediately following the ceremony. If both hoods are not returned with the gown, graduates will be responsible for paying replacement costs.

Class composite in Saint John

When you applied to graduate you were asked to extend permission for UNB to list your name in graduation collateral, both online and in print. If you did not give consent, this also extends to not allowing your grad photo to be placed in the class composite*, a grad photo display created by Photography Flewwelling and hung in Hazen Hall. Following fall graduation, those who did not give consent will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office asking for confirmation on placement in the composite. Please watch for the email and respond accordingly.

*Each year, Photography Flewwelling creates a composite which contains the graduation photographs of students graduating in Saint John. (Only graduation photographs taken by Photography Flewwelling are included.). After you receive the images, you can select which photograph you would like included in the composite; regardless of whether you place an order or not. If you do not let Photography Flewwelling know which photograph to use, its staff will select for you. For further information, please contact the company at 506-633-0045.