UNB Award for Excellence in Research

The UNB Award for Excellence in Research honours faculty who are representative of outstanding research, scholarly, or creative achievements at the University of New Brunswick. It promotes and celebrates an environment that supports intellectual inquiry and discovery.

Dr. Shelley Doucet

Dr. Shelley Doucet will receive the UNB Award for Excellence in Research in Saint John on Friday, Oct. 14. In addition to being a highly respected professor in the Department of Nursing and Health Science, Dr. Doucet is the Jarislowsky Chair in Interprofessional Patient-Centred Care and the director of the Centre for Research in Integrated Care at the University of New Brunswick.

Dr. Doucet has dedicated most of her professional career to research focused on making real change in the lives of New Brunswickers and Canadians by working to improve patient care. Her expertise lies in interprofessional patient-centred care, patient navigation, integrated care and qualitative research. She has a broad pan-Canadian research network through her role as co-lead of the Canadian Primary Care Network, which recently received more than 20 million dollars, over the next five years, to transform primary care across Canada.

In addition to her personal achievements in research, Dr. Doucet has been praised for her ability to provide meaningful experience for students, trainees and staff. She encourages growth in trainees and fosters an environment where staff and trainees openly share knowledge and experience to support each other in achieving personal and research objectives.

Dr. Doucet’s efforts have made significant contributions to health research and the provision of front-line health services, and will no doubt continue to leave a lasting impression as her career further advances over the years.