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Central Booking Office

The priority use of space at UNB is for academic programs and credit courses. Once academic scheduling is complete, space becomes available for non-credit courses, meetings and events. The Central Booking Office (CBO) is mandated to facilitate access to bookable space for the following groups:

  1. UNB Faculty & Staff
  2. Ratified Student Groups
  3. External Clients

The CBO accepts space requests throughout the full calendar year, however in order to prioritize academic use of space the following schedule determines how far in advance a request can be confirmed:

  • Requests for September-December can be confirmed by mid-July
  • Requests for January-April can be confirmed mid-November
  • Requests for May-August can be confirmed mid-March

**Please note: this is not to say that space cannot be requested in advance of the aforementioned schedule. It simply means that should the space be required for academic purposes, this will be prioritized over any non-academic request.

Bookable space

Lecture theatres: UNB has two main lecture theatres (Ganong Hall and Hazen Hall) as well as additional auditorium-style classrooms with seating capacities ranging from 104-330.

Classrooms: A wide range of multi-functional classrooms with seating capacities between 18 and 100.

Boardrooms: A range of multi-functional boardrooms with seating capacities between 5-20. We have four designated video-conferencing rooms (Oland Hall 120, Oland Hall 203, HWK 107, KC Irving Hall 215).

Space policy

Our space policy covers the primary allocation of space to the campus' academic, academic-support, administrative units or student groups in pursuit of their mandates. It also addresses secondary/temporary use of space by university groups and external users.

Fees will apply to spaces in which event admission or other cost-recovery fees are charged to attendees, and/or use of space by a UNBSJ group or unit which falls outside the Primary Mandate of that group.