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Gholamreza Amin

Operations research

“My main research area is efficiency and productivity analysis of decision-making units using data envelopment analysis (DEA). DEA can be considered as one of the recent success stories in management science and it has been successfully applied in many organizations.

As a data-oriented business analytics tool, DEA identifies best practices that are often hidden and recommends directions for managers that can dramatically improve efficiency across different business firms. One of my current research directions is environmental efficiency. Specifically, developing DEA and inverse DEA models to minimize undesirable outputs, the production of substances that are harmful to the environment.”

Selected recent publications

M Wegner & GR Amin (2019). Minimizing Greenhouse Gas Emissions using Inverse DEA with an Application in Oil and Gas, Expert Systems with Applications 122, 369–375.

M Al-Siyabi, GR Amin, S. Bose & H. Al-Masroori (2019). Peer-judgment risk minimization using DEA Cross-evaluation with an application in fishery, Annals of Operations Research, 274 (1), 39-55.

GR Amin & S. Al-Muharrami (2018). A new inverse DEA model for mergers with negative data, IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, 29 (2), 137-149.

M Hajjami & GR Amin (2018). Modelling stock selection using ordered weighted averaging operator, International Journal of Intelligent Systems; 33 (11), 2283-2292.

GR Amin & A El-Bouri (2018). A Minimax Linear Programming Model for Dispatching Rule Selection, Computers & Industrial Engineering, 121, 27-35.

A Emrouznejad, G Yang & GR Amin (2018). A novel inverse DEA model with application to allocate the CO2 emissions quota to different regions in Chinese manufacturing industries, Journal of the Operational Research Society, in press.

GR Amin & A Oukil (2018). Gangless cross-evaluation in DEA: an application to stock selection. Rairo Operations Research, in press.

GR Amin, A Emrouznejad & S Gattoufi (2017). Modelling Generalized Firms' Restructuring using Inverse DEA, Journal of Productivity Analysis, 48(1), 51-61.

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