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This multi-disciplinary department is where you'll find programs in English literature, comparative literature, philosophy, French and Spanish languages and literatures, and linguistics, as well as broad interest courses in humanities, such as effective writing, music, art, and German.


Comparative Literature

Explore the complex interactions between texts and cultures in our Comparative Literature program. Critical and literary theory are a large part of these interdisciplinary comparative studies, with investigations in literature, film, art, translation studies, cultural studies and history.


Our English program offers a full array of core courses necessary for understanding the breadth of English literature, as well as a choice of specialized offerings in fiction, poetry and drama. Learn hands-on stage production with a local theatre company, or publish your work in VOX, the student creative writing journal.


Broaden up your career options and significantly enhance your marketability with our French program. We focus on French language and culture as the gateway to the Francophone communities of Canada and the world beyond. In addition to major and minor programs, we offer a Certificate of Proficiency in French or a Certificate in Business French.


Linguistics is the study of natural language. Our Linguistics program will give you a better understanding of the relationship between brain/mind and language. It helps us work with foreign languages and understand the difficulties foreign students encounter in English or French.


The Philosophy program at UNB Saint John offers a welcoming environment and class sizes small enough to allow your voice to be heard, your thoughts to be shared. Among the special strengths of the discipline are business ethics, healthcare ethics, political philosophy and philosophy of the mind.


Learning Spanish will help you become more aware of how a variety of people think and act in different cultural and social situations. Our Spanish program will give you insights into your own language and society as you compare how other cultures view, organize and put into words the world we share. And of course, acquiring this important world language will help you in your present or future career.