UNBREA Video Resources

This is an archive of UNBREA video presentations. To view the video, just press the play button on the video screen. Press the icon in the lower right corner to enlarge to full screen.

UNB: Pioneers on the Information Highway (1958-2008). A presentation by Greg Sprague.
This is the story of how a group of visionary believers in the transformative power of information technology at UNB (a small Eastern Canadian University deep in the great North Woods of Outer Canada) led their university, city, province, region and occasionally even Canada and the whole world into the information age.

2019 UNBREA AGM - 2019-05-07
How Technology Can Be Used To Alleviate Social Isolation - a presentation by Jenna Roddick and Emily Kerry.

2017 UNBREA AGM - 2017-05-09
Sandy Craft discusses her experience with the Canadian Red Cross.

2017 UNBREA AGM - 2017-05-09
Dr. Gary Saunders discusses the proposed new University Club.

2016 UNBREA AGM - 2016-05-03
Dr. Timothy Christie, the Regional Director of Ethics Services for Horizon Health, talks about New Brunswick's position on physician assisted dying.