Big Data. Big Ideas. Big Impact.

The Research Institute in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RIDSAI) is home to leading UNB experts in the research, application and impact of data science and artificial in our world.

The RIDSAI is a focal point for fundamental and applied research in all areas of data science and AI, from developing new algorithms to leveraging their strengths for social good to ensuring their ethical and respectful use.

Leveraging AI for your success: How we can help

From policy and planning to entertainment, agriculture, health and beyond, our world increasingly relies on big data and machine learning. In fact, by 2030, AI is projected to have a global economic impact of $15.7 trillion.

The RIDSAI can help harness this potential.

By bringing together researchers across many domains, the RIDSAI enables multidisciplinary, comprehensive, outcome-focused insights and solutions for community and industry partners in the Atlantic region and beyond.

UNB researchers are at the forefront of data science and AI research, working in areas such as health, cybersecurity, mapping and positioning, manufacturing, finance, and transportation.

To partner with the RIDSAI, contact UNB’s Research & Innovation Partnerships team.

Our people

The RIDSAI has been established under the leadership of interim director, Dr. Paul Cook.

Dr. Cook, an associate professor of computer science, is an AI researcher who primarily works in the areas of natural language processing and computational linguistics. He is especially interested in collaborating with partner organizations to build language technologies that can support the teaching and learning of Indigenous languages.

The Institute’s growing membership includes UNB researchers from both the Saint John and Fredericton campuses from a range of disciplines including computer science, engineering, science, and arts.

Across UNB, the RIDSAI can tap into a broad network of engaged experts across faculties and in other research hubs, including the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity, the New Brunswick Institute for Research, Data and Training, the Institute for Biomedical Engineering and the SPECTRAL laboratory for spatial computing.