Financial information for international students

Full-time international undergraduate student fees

The following tuition and fee estimates apply to all international students who are beginning a new program of study in Fall 2019.

For full tuition and fee rates for new and continuing students – visit the Financial Services website.

International undergraduate fee totals

The following estimates are for one academic year, beginning in September and ending in April. 

Fredericton Saint John
International Differential Fee $9,753 $9,753
Residence/meals $8,600 $8,600
Estimate books/supplies $2000 $2000
Student Fees $964 $810
Health Insurance $966 $966
Tuition $7,270 - $12,870 $7,270 - $8,580
Estimated total $29,553 - $36,617 $29,399 - $30,709

Detailed fee breakdown

 Area of Study Fredericton Saint John
Arts $7,270 $7,270
Business Administration & Applied Management $8,442 $8,442
Computer Science $8,234 $8,234
Education (10 mth) $10,905 -
Engineering $8,580 $8,580
Forestry & Environmental Management $7,612 -
Health - $7,270
Integrated Studies (BIS) $7,270 -
Kinesiology $8,096 -
Law $12,560 -
Nursing $8,580 $8,580
Nursing Advanced Standing Program (Moncton) $12,870 -
Philosophy & Interdisciplinary Leadership (Renaissance College) $11,418 -
Science & Health Sciences $7,270 $7,270

Fredericton Saint John
Mandatory Fees $494 $415
Student Union $120 $140
Student Union Bursary $10 -
Health Insurance (Fredericton | Saint John) $160 $160
Dental Insurance (Fredericton | Saint John) $125 $125
CHSR/CRSJ Fee $15 $25
Brunswickan / Baron Fee $15 $20
First-year Orientation $80 $40
Total cost $1,019 $925

Online Fee (per course)​
Fredericton Saint John
International Differential Fee $9,753 $9,753
International Emergency Health Insurance* $400 $400
International Health Travel Insurance** $64.50 $64.50
Engineering Program Fee $1,534 $1,534
Software or Geological Engineering Program Fee $767 $767
Education Practicum Fee $500 -
BBA Program Fee $550 -
Law Students' Society Fee $60 -
Nursing Program Fee $100 $100
Nursing Advanced Standing Program Fee (Moncton) $100 -
BA - ABA course $2,500 -
Online Fee (per course) $100 $100
First-year Orientation $80 $40


In case of discrepancy in amounts between this page and Financial Services, the Financial Services page will be taken as correct.
Where the rates between two concurrent programs differ, the lower rate is applied
*Requires valid NB MEDICARE card to opt out of UNB Emergency Health Plan.

**Travel must be purchased once in the 12 months.

Learn more about tuition and fees at UNB

Payment deadlines: Students are required to pay tuition and fees at the beginning of each semester.


UNB offers millions of dollars in scholarship support each year to offset some of the costs of a university education. Eligible international students include high school applicants, students transferring from another post-secondary institution as well as students continuing their studies at UNB.

International students can be considered for scholarships once they are accepted and while studying at the University of New Brunswick. All entrance students need to submit an entrance scholarship application. All continuing UNB students need to submit a scholarship application each year to be considered for scholarship support. The primary consideration for scholarship support at UNB is academic achievement.

Available opportunities

Financial aid

Students in financial need may be eligible for assistance. Financial aid is meant to supplement a student’s resources for university, not replace them. Needs-based support is handled through the Financial aid offices in Saint John and in Fredericton.

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