Implementation and reporting

sustainability plan implementation and reporting


The implementation of the CSP will require the participation and cooperation of UNB students, staff, faculty, and community.

Taking action: UNB Sustainability will develop an annual CSP action document for internal implementation. The document will determine, for that specific year, the who, what, when, where, and how of the CSP action items.

Accountability: UNB Sustainability will oversee the CSP actions and keep UNB on track for meeting the sustainability goals. However, the success of the CSP will be largely dependent upon UNB community engagement. As the sustainability plan encompasses diverse action areas, various individuals and groups across campus will be involved in its implementation. Some key participating groups will be:

  • UNB Sustainability
  • Senior Administration 
  • Capital Planning & Operations
  • Facilities Management
  • Office of Experiential Education
  • Office of Human Rights and Positive Environment
  • Sustainability Advisory Committee
  • Student Services 
  • Sodexo 
  • Chartwells
  • Faculties 
  • Financial Services 
  • The Procurement Department 
  • UNB Student Clubs and Societies
  • UNB Student Union
  • UNB Students' Representative Council


Throughout the implementation of the Campus Sustainability Plan (2020-2025) UNB Sustainability will report annually on the progress of the goals and actions.

Measuring success

  • STARS will be used to assess the progress of sustainability once the CSP has been implemented. By utilizing STARS the effect the CSP actions are having on the advancement of sustainability at UNB will be measured.
  • Public response gathered from annual white board sessions will also indicate the impact the CSP actions are having on sustainability awareness of the UNB community.