Acknowledgements and references

UNB campus fall

Traditional Land Acknowledgement

We respectfully acknowledge that UNB stands on the unsurrendered and unceded traditional Wolastoqey (WOOL-US-TOOK-WAY) land.

The lands of Wabanaki (WAH-BAH-NAH-KEE) people are recognized in a series of Peace and Friendship Treaties to establish an ongoing relationship of peace, friendship and mutual respect between equal nations.

The river that runs by our university is known as Wolastoq (WOOL-LUSS-TOOK), along which live Wolastoqiyik (WOOL-US-TOO-GWEEG) – the people of the beautiful and bountiful river. Wolastoq (WOOL-LUSS-TOOK) is also called the St. John River.

Units, organizations and individuals

UNB Sustainability would like to thank the Fredericton and Saint John campus communities for providing us with feedback along the way that ultimately lead to the creation of the targets and strategies within this plan.

  • Youth Employment Fund
  • The Sustinability Advisory Committee 
  • Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management
  • Capital Planning & Operations at UNB Fredericton
  • Facilities Management at UNB Saint John
  • Other participating faculties and classes
  • UNB Student Union and Student Representatives Council
  • Green Society at UNB Saint John
  • Dr. Tom Beckley, Professor, Forestry & Environmental Management at UNB Fredericton
  • Dr. Robert Moir, Associate Professor, Faculty of Business at UNB Saint John