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Campus sustainability plan development

campus sustainability plan development

The development of the goals and actions in this CSP required input and data from various sources. 

Contributing Information

  • The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS), was used to measure the sustainability performance of UNB in 2017. 
  • A Gap Analysis was conducted to identify areas of strength and weakness for sustainability at UNB. 
  • A strategy review was conducted on methods of improvement. Review of sustainability initiatives of peer and local institutions provided inspiration for sustainability strategies to apply at UNB.
  • UNB public consultation was conducted. Various engagement methods were used to gather feedback from the UNB community about what sustainability areas people value and want to be targeted in the CSP.

Over 1000 participants engaged

Class consultation

In January and February of 2019, UNB Sustainability consulted with 11 classes from various faculties. During the class engagement sessions, students were lead in discussion around sustainability action areas. In total 445 students identified which areas of sustainability they think should be a priority for UNB over the next 5 years.

Public consultation

UNB Sustainability set up consultation stations in common areas on campus. During this consultation UNB Sustainability engaged with students, staff, and faculty about CSP strategies. 

Online survey

An online survey was open for responses from students, staff, and faculty on their opinions of what sustainability strategies should be prioritized at UNB over the next 5 years. The survey was posted on the UNB Sustainability website and social media accounts, and emailed to members of the UNB community.