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UNB fosters a community engaged in sustainability programs and activities, and together make a sustainability minded community.

Existing successes

  • Residence Energy Challenge: an annual event that encourages students living on campus to reduce their energy consumption.
  • Campus Sustainability Week: occurring annually in October, this event provides the campus community with sustainability activities, information, and inspiration.
  • Green Representatives Program: a student led program designed to increase residence students’ exposure to sustainability related knowledge and to promote more sustainable lifestyle and behaviour choices. 
  • Green Event Certification program: UNB provides campus groups with guidance and recognition for making their events sustainable. 
  • Co-curricular program: UNB provides students with the opportunity to extend their formal learning experience and be recognized for their community involvement. 

2017 STARS SCORE: 42%
2020 STARS SCORE: 56%

Goals & Strategies

Encourage sustainable behaviours

  • Create a Staff Sustainability Network.
  • Continue to work with students and groups to promote sustainable actions through programming.
  • Incorporate sustainability information into employee orientation packages.

 Increase sustainable engagement opportunities for students

  • Expand the Green Representatives Program.
  • Create a university-based program to allow the UNB FR campus community to reuse and distribute unwanted items.
  • Maintain the Student Sustainability Fund (SSF) to finance student sustainability projects.

 Pursue sustainability collaborations

  • Engage in sustainability mentorship opportunities with other institutions.
  • Partner with College of Extended Learning to create courses focused on, and incorporating, sustainability themes.
  • Promote community service through the co-curricular program and improve methods of tracking service.

Alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal #4: Quality Education

  • Target: Ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development