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UNB is a leader in sustainable education and research. Faculty and educators are active and knowledgeable in sustainability, guiding students in sustainable learning and research. UNB fosters an academic community that demonstrates and advances sustainability.

Existing successes

  • Offering undergraduate and graduate environmental courses that teach students to manage environmental and natural resources sustainably.
  • Students utilizing UNB as a living laboratory, to learn about sustainability first hand through the use of the campus.
  • 66% of departments offer sustainability courses to students.

2017 STARS SCORE: 55%
2020 STARS SCORE: 77%

Goals & Strategies

Increase opportunities for students to use UNB as a Living Laboratory

  • Identify UNB FR programs, courses, and operations that could offer Campus as a Living Laboratory opportunities.
  • Develop an online inventory of Campus as a Living Laboratory projects that have been completed and are currently available to students.

Increase support for research on sustainability

  • Determine the feasibility of incentivizing and supporting sustainable research by students and faculty.
  • Highlight and promote those conducting sustainability research on UNB FR campus.

Improve availability of sustainability focused courses

  • Identify sustainability learning outcomes, and work with units to incorporate the outcomes into curriculum.
  • Maintain a sustainability course list, outlining courses available in all faculties.
  • Produce an educational package for faculty on the relevance, importance, and methods of incorporating sustainability into their courses.

Assess sustainability knowledge of the campus community

  • Develop and conduct a student sustainability literacy assessment.

Alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal #4: Quality Education

  •  Target: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all