Tours & Trips

Adventures await you! Several recreational, cultural and technical tours are planned around New Brunswick. You'll have a fantastic opportunity to explore and experience the natural and cultural diversity of New Brunswick.

No trip to New Brunswick is complete without seeing the magnificent Bay of Fundy, where you'll experience firsthand the world's highest tides. You'll enjoy hiking and swimming in the wild, getting wet and muddy, and perhaps even kayaking! It is important to remember these activities when packing (i.e. hiking requires hiking boots or sturdy closed toe footwear (i.e. sneakers). These will also be required when visiting industrial settings (i.e. labs)).

Also bring a sleeping bag and a bathing suit. As well, you'll need a small daypack for hiking (book bag size) and a bag to put all of your supplies/clothes for an entire weekend. There isn't room for you to bring a big suitcase that contains all of your month long stuff on our trips and tours. However, you DO NOT need a formal hiking pack.

Keep in mind that the Bay of Fundy can be a very relaxing and quiet place, or it can be very wild and windy, so please pack accordingly. Since you'll be outside for most of the time on trips, you could experience everything from hot sun to rain, fog and cold. Please come prepared.

In order to participate in all activities, please ensure that your waiver is completed. Remember to have your parents/guardians fill out the waiver included with your information package and bring the waiver with you in June.

There may be opportunities to canoe and kayak! Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Bring a sleeping bag!