What to bring

Necessary items

  • Provincial health card (e.g. NB Medicare)
  • $130.00 deposit for room key (returnable) This is a MUST, cheque payable to "SHAD UNB"
  • Clothes for hot, dry, humid, cold days
  • Casual dress is suitable for nearly all days (Jeans, Shorts, T-Shirts)
    • Semi-formal/formal clothing is customary for Open Day Displays/Banquet
    • Make sure you have closed-toed shoes and pants that cover your legs completely, because they will be necessary for our experiences in the chemistry labs.
    • Socks, pajamas, and undergarments (at least a week's supply) are important!
    • Gym clothes and sneakers (no black soles please) are needed for recreation activities
    • Please also bring swim wear as there will be the opportunities to swim!
  • Camping supplies:
    • Bring clothing for all weather: rain gear and umbrella, windbreaker or jackets, sunblock, sunglasses and hats (these are important for typical summer days)
    • Sleeping bag and flashlight
    • Plate, cutlery and mug/cup (these will also be needed for nightly snacks)
    • Water bottle (for fitness activities on hot days – and for everyday use). It is very warm in New Brunswick in the summer time so please ensure to bring a water bottle to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the program!
  • Personal items:
    • Your own towel(s), facecloth(s) and a bathrobe (showers are down the hall from your room)
    • Personal toiletries (don't forget your toothbrush)
    • Any medications you need for the full month (the SHAD team members are unable to dispense any medication; this includes painkillers such as Tylenol and anti-allergens)
  • Additional items:
    • Alarm clock (very important) and a wristwatch (it is a very packed schedule, you will want to know the time)
    • Pocket money for 4 weeks (money to purchase a laundry card, money for cab to/from airport, snacks, etc.). Washers and dryers are available in our residence building, but you must bring your own detergent and purchase laundry card when you arrive.
    • Pens and/or pencils

Optional items

  • Technology
    • Laptop and charger (and lock, if you have one)
    • Cell phone and charger
  • School supplies:
    • Pens and/or pencils
    • Backpack (these are very handy for day trips and tours)
  • Activity and recreation supplies:
    • Special clothing/accessories for theme nights
    • Your musical instrument and sheet music (if you play, strongly encouraged)
    • Other sporting equipment, i.e. hiking boots, Frisbee, etc.
    • Your favourite listening and dance music
    • Art supplies
  • Personal items
    • Earplugs (these can be a great benefit on any trip, particularly in a noisy airplane or bus)
    • Pictures of family, friends and pets to show your fellow SHADs
  • Additional items
    • Insect repellent
    • Water shows

Please come prepared for hot, cold and wet weather. Remember that this is New Brunswick; if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change! Fredericton is known to have large weather shifts; it can be 8ºC and raining in the morning and warm up to 30ºC with bright sun in the afternoon. So please ensure to bring appropriate clothing and supplies.

UNB Residence will provide bedding.

There is a small convenience store on campus, but it is not fully stocked. Please bring personal toiletries and any medications that you will require for the full month. SHAD personnel are not authorized to dispense medication of any type. This restriction includes painkillers, i.e. Tylenol, and anti-allergens.

Please DO NOT bring strongly scented items, in consideration of allergies of everyone at SHAD.

We suggest against bringing large amounts of money or other valuables (expensive jewelry and watches). There is no need for such items and we cannot accept responsibility if they go missing. Time between activities is important for you to build lifelong friendships and frequent cell phone use hinders that process. We are trying to build community, a sense of team and wish to maintain momentum and intensity. Therefore, cell phones, iPods and other similar electronics will not be permitted outside your room and we will expect you to use them infrequently, in the privacy of your room, and only during free time and quiet time.

Before you leave

Before you leave, check everything twice! Don't forget your tie, a belt, dress shoes. Check your SHAD "What to Bring" list that you received in your packages. Also, it has been *known* that every year some SHADs will get their luggage late (sometimes DAYS late). This is why it's a good idea to pack some essentials in a carry-on or day-pack. Throw in a toothbrush, a spare shirt and anything else you think you might need for a day or two. Earplugs are also very practical for flights.