Naming or Renaming University Places

UNB has a rich, long-standing history in New Brunswick. Since its establishment in 1785, we have made significant impacts on our community and across the country, while providing students with innovative, exceptional and transformative post-secondary experiences.

A changing perspective

As society evolves to become more inclusive, diverse and equitable for all people, critical conversations surrounding named places, particularly at post-secondary institutions throughout North America, have been taking place.

With many of UNB’s buildings and learning spaces named after leaders of their time, conversations of a similar nature are taking place within our university community.

UNB students, faculty, staff and members of the public have raised concerns regarding the name of Ludlow Hall on the university’s Fredericton campus. As an institution committed to equity, diversity and inclusion and Truth and Reconciliation, an examination of all named spaces on our university’s two campuses is essential.

Understanding the past

Visit UNB Libraries' website Archival Resources Related to Naming UNB Buildings to examine original documents relating to the historical naming of places at UNB. The list will continue to evolve as archived documentation is shared on the web.

Working Group on the Principles of Naming and Renaming University Places

To address this issue, the Working Group on the Principles of Naming and Renaming University Places was formed. Established in December 2019 by Dr. Paul J. Mazerolle, president and vice-chancellor of UNB, the group will complete its work in three phases.

Throughout this process, we seek to disentangle our learned history, grow through truth, and heal through mutual knowledge and understanding.

More information

For a detailed description of the working group's goals, process and timeline, download the terms of reference for the Working Group on the Principles of Naming or Renaming University Places. Contact for more information.

Terms of Reference