Cannabis on campus

When considering the legalization of cannabis and how that will affect our campuses, we have taken a responsible approach that respects and adheres to the legislation while focusing on harm reduction and education.

The following guidelines have been developed for both our Fredericton and Saint John campuses in compliance with the requirements of the New Brunswick Cannabis Control Act with respect to the consumption, possession and storage of cannabis while on campus:

  • The new legislation limits the consumption of cannabis to private dwellings, vacant land and prescribed locations. It also prohibits consumption in a public place, and for safety reasons, smoking of any kind is not permitted in UNB residences. Therefore, the smoking of cannabis will not be permitted anywhere on UNB property.
  • Non-smoked cannabis products may be consumed only by individuals 19 and over in private residence rooms and designated residence common rooms or lounges in residence buildings.
  • Personal cultivation of cannabis plants (e.g. in residences or in community gardens) will not be permitted
  • UNB community members must comply with the law with respect to the consumption, possession and storage of cannabis while on campus
  • Impairment or intoxication from adult-use cannabis in the workplace or academic settings will be addressed through our internal policies and procedures

Some members of our community may have a prescription for medical cannabis as part of their medical treatment plan, which has been legal for several years. Out of our commitment to optimize the health of our community and as part of our duty to accommodate, UNB will continue to approach such situations on a case by case basis.

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