Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering

  • Degrees Offered: MEng, MScE, PhD
  • Application Deadline: Open (MScE, PhD), Feb 1 (MEng)
  • Study Options: Coursework, Thesis
  • Duration: 16-24 Months (MEng), 24 Months (MScE), 36-48 Months (PhD)
  • Entry Terms: Fall (MEng Fall intake term only), Winter, Summer

The Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering (GGE) graduate program at UNB combines the study of geodesy with geomatics, giving students a well-rounded understanding of the field. We offer an interdisciplinary, practical approach that relates these subjects to other disciplines such as geology, physics, civil engineering, oceanography, and law.

Our top-rated, internationally-known department provides students access to associated research centres and the latest geodetic instruments. More than 500 students around the globe have obtained postgraduate degrees from GGE, going on to become faculty members, researchers, and professionals in well-recognized universities research institutes, industries and companies worldwide. Our graduates’ expertise proves invaluable in environmental monitoring, land and marine resource management, and real estate transactions.

We normally have about 60 graduate students in the program from all over the world. Students have access to well-equipped labs with modern hardware, software, and a wide-variety of geodetic instruments. Our associated research centres include the Ocean Mapping Group, Canadian Centre for Geodetic Engineering, Geodetic Research Laboratory, and the Geographical Engineering Group.

Research areas

Feel free to view the faculty directory for more information regarding our faculty. 

Application requirements

  1. MEng and MScE applicants should hold an undergraduate degree in a related field geology,physics, math, engineering, and science from an accredited University. PhD applicants should hold a Master’s degree in geodesy and/or geomatics, or have related experience.
  2. All applicants should have a minimum 3.0 (or B Average, 70%)
  3. Applicants are required to submit a complete application including three references.
  4. International applicants whose first language is not English must submit language scores that meet or exceed international English language testing system (IELTS) band 7 and/or a TOEFL score of 94.
  5. We offer a post-graduate diploma in Mapping/Charting which is only available for members of the Canadian Forces Department of National Defense.

Contact us

For more information on our program, contact Lisa Valenta, Graduate Program Secretary, or Dr. Richard Langley, Director of Graduate Studies. 

Office: Head Hall, Rm. E-54

Phone: 1-506-458-7085

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