Faculty and staff

Visitors and the Temporary Foreign Workers Program

The University of New Brunswick values and promotes internationalization in all areas. An integral part of this is strengthening our international research collaborations.

These short-term programs increase UNB’s international recognition and improve the quality of our programs across all sectors and disciplines.

UNB is to provide offers of employment to visiting foreign nationals under the International Mobility Program. 

International mobility programs

Although these individuals are not always paid, UNB and our visitors receive a substantial benefit during their time in Canada and therefore work permits may be required.

The Global Learning and Engagement Team will assist with the application on behalf of UNB, but it is the responsibility of the UNB representative inviting the visitor to make sure all other arrangements are provided. 

This could include:

  • accommodations
  • payments (if applicable)
  • faculty orientation, etc. 

All visitors will require travel insurance while they are at UNB. For their convenience, Guard.Me has provided easy access to our insurance program.