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Lab members


Stephan Dombrowski, director


Dr. Dombrowski is interested in the development, testing and application of behaviour change theory and interventions for health, particularly in relation to aspects concerning behaviour change maintenance, and the use of evidence based behaviour change techniques.

His research to date covers a range of health behaviours (e.g. diet, physical activity, health service use) and populations (e.g. members of the public, individuals with risk factors for health, or health care professionals). In his empirical work Dr. Dombrowski uses qualitative, quantitative as well as mixed methodologies.

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We accept applications from prospective graduate and undergraduate students. 

If you're interested in research aimed at understanding or affecting behaviour change, contact Stephan Dombrowski, the lab director.

Current lab members

Ainsley Bink

MSc Kinesiology student

Project title: Examining anticipated and experienced dyadic processes of a dyadic community based walking intervention.

Sydney Brooks

MSc Kinesiology student

Project title: Pre-conception perceptions and support needs in women and men of child bearing age: Survey with intervention development study

Tim Green

New Brunswick Health Research Foundation summer studentship 2021

Project title: What do New Brunswickers think about Weight Loss? A Survey Study

Danielle Kent

Masters of Applied Health Services Research

Project title: Running during the global COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative study examining perceptions and behaviours for recreational runners

Adrian Kinney

MSc Kinesiology

Project title: Cultural Adaptation of a SMS Delivered Weight Management Intervention for Men

Mathew Quigley

MSc Kinesiology student

Project title: Multiple behaviour change: examining the multiple intentions-behaviour relationship.

Past lab members

BScKin 2021

Self-directed studies project: Running Motives and Behaviour during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A cross-sectional survey study

BScKin (Hons) 2021

Honours project: A Cross Sectional Survey Examining Binge-Watching Behaviour during the COVID-19 Pandemic

BScKin (Hons) 2021

Honours project: Look, over there! A streaker! Qualitative study examining streaking as a behaviour change technique for habit formation in recreational runners

BScKin (Hons) 2021

Honours project: How effective are habit-theory based interventions in changing health behaviours: Systematic review with meta-analysis

Julie McLellan

PhD, 2019 (completed)

Thesis title: The development of an intervention to support midwives in addressing multiple health behaviours with pregnant women

BScKin (Hons) 2021

Honours project: Have weight loss interventions improved over time: A Systematic review and meta-analysis examining behavioral interventions for weight loss over the last four decades

New Brunswick Health Research Foundation summer studentship 2020 project title: Barriers to Nutritional Pregnancy Preparation and Support Needs in Women and Men: Qualitative Study based on the Theoretical Domains Framework

BScKin (Hons) 2021

Honours project: What do you think before eating an unhealthy snack? Qualitative Research study exploring dietary self-talk

George Thom

PhD, 2020 (completed)

Thesis title: Weight Loss Maintenance: Physiological, Psychological And Clinical Perspectives

Emily Whitcomb

New Brunswick Health Research Foundation summer studentship 2019 project title: Systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials comparing face-to-face vs remote behaviour change interventions for weight management in adults carrying excess weight