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Research and development

CBEC conducts both basic and applied research for industry transfer on the sustainable production and efficient use of solid biofuels. State-of-the-art facilities and equipment also enable CBEC staff and its partners at WSTC to test the quality and environmental safety of solid biofuels and appliances according to national and international accredited standards.

Research is also being conducted on increasing the value obtained from both agricultural and forestry biomass such as optimizing the extraction of secondary products from wood fibre such as essential oils, nutraceuticals, and medicinal.

Partnering with a diversity of natural resource agencies such as federal and provincial Departments of Natural Resources and Agriculture, as well as with educational institutions such as the University of New Brunswick, enables CBEC to form effective research teams capable of undertaking large, broad scope research and development projects related to most aspects of renewable energy from solid biofuels.