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Our team

Full Name Position/Title Phone Email
Jon Barteaux Business and Project Dev. Manager 1 506 453 5004 Email
Faith Bradley-Sharpe Programs Assistant 1 506 458 7520 Email
Stewart Cameron Adjunct Professor, Research Scientist 1 506 452 6156 Email
Meng Gong Director 1 506 458 7876 Email
Dean McCarthy Chief Technologist 1 506 453 4699 Email
Greg McCarthy Laboratory Support Technician Email
Ron Smith Research Scientist 1 506 458 7891 Email
Wanrong Zhu Research Assistant 1 506 452 6132 Email

Graduate students

Name Degree Supervisor Thesis topic
Saul Hernandez Maldonado PhD Chui/Gong Innovative prefabricated floor systems built with CLT plates and wood I-joists
Jan Niederwestberg PhD Chui/Gong Development of design methods for CLT and application model testing
Olayemi Ogunrinde MFE Gong Development of nail-laminated timber products for structural applications
Tiancheng Wu MF Gong LCA analysis of timber buildings
Zeyu Ma MFE Gong Laminated OSB products for structural uses
Tianying Ma MFE Gong Dynamic response of bridge decks made of NLT
Yujing Luo MFE Gong Measurement of bond strength via 3D DIC system
Zizeng Gao PhD Gong Fracture of adhesive bond line of laminated wood products
Luji Xiong MFE Gong Design of transformed tiny houses