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International Forestry & Environmental Management Dual Degree Master program

The International Forestry & Environmental Dual Degree Master program (TRANSFOR-M) is a unique master program that provides master’s students to acquire knowledges in forestry and environmental management both in Europe and Canada. It leads after two years, to two degrees: one of the following Master’s degrees from the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management (FOREM) at UNB

and a Master’s degree from one of the following five participating universities in Europe.

Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg (Germany) – Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences.  Freiburg is a university city and in close proximity to France and Switzerland. Freiburg is located in the Black Forest and the Rhine Valley and offers a variety of forest and environmental perspectives.
Degree offered: M.Sc. Forest Sciences

Bangor University (Wales, UK) – School of Agricultural & Forest Sciences. Bangor University founded in 1884, is ranked in the top 40 in the UK for research. Close to mountains and the sea, Bangor’s location has been described as the best university setting in the UK, in a city rich of history and culture in this magnificent region.
Degrees offered:

  • M.Sc. Agroforestry,
  • M.Sc. Conservation and Land Management,
  • M.Sc. Environmental Forestry

University of Eastern Finland (Finland) – Faculty of Forestry – The University of Eastern Finland is one of Europe’s premier institutions to study forestry, particularly, boreal forests and forest technology.
Degree offered: M. Sc. Agriculture and Forestry,

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Austria) – BOKU is a university dedicated to natural sciences, engineering, life and social sciences.
Degrees offered:

  • M.Sc. Mountain Forestry,
  • M.Sc. Water Management and Environmental Engineering,
  • M.Sc. Applied Limnology,
  • M.Sc. Biotechnology,
  • M.Sc. Animal Breeding and Genetics,
  • M.Sc. Organic Agricultural Systems and Agroecology (AgrEco-Organic) und Organic Agricultural Systems and Agroecology (EUR-Organic)

University of Padova (Italy) – one of the oldest universities in Europe, the University of Padova is a comprehensive university that is located in one of the richest cultural and historical regions of Italy, very close to Venice.

Degree offered: M.Sc. Forest Science

The goal of TRANSFOR-M is to train the next generation of forest and environmental managers and scientists on the specific cultural, historical, and socio-economic context of the Canadian and European natural resource sectors, while understanding the global challenges of sustainable forest and environmental management.

The unique nature of TRANSFOR M has been recognized in 2014 by an international award, i.e., the 2014 Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools (NAGS) and Educational Testing Service (ETS) award for the most innovative graduate program

Read all about TRANSFOR-M graduate student experiences in the program.

Students in the program have their own study plan that takes advantage of complementary expertise at partner institutions to deliver an effective and globally-oriented program in forestry and environmental management. The study plan is developed with the TRANSFOR-M coordinator and outline courses and thesis requirements during the 2-year program. The study plan should have:

  1. Two years of studies, worth 120 ECTS (48 UNB credits) in total (including an internship, where applicable)
  2. One single Master Thesis or equivalent report, worth at least 30 ECTS (12 UNB credits) which is unique for the two degrees

Given that each individual degree is 1 or 2 years in length, getting two degrees would generally take three to four years of study to complete. This timeframe has been reduced to two years thanks to an efficient credit transfer between UNB and the European partner university, while at the same time fulfilling individual program requirements for each institution’s degree.

The TRANSFOR-M students are registered in a Master program at UNB for a two-year period, but spend only one year at UNB, the second year being spent in Europe. Each student will pay the UNB master tuition fees for two years but will receive a tuition fee waiver at the Host University in Europe.

Admission/Application Requirements

  1. Interested students must apply to this program prior to January 15, for September intake (Fall Term), of the calendar year.
  2. Students must first contact TRANSFOR-M coordinator program at UNB prior to applying to arrange for an Interview. 
  3. Interested students must also submit the following documents prior to applying:
    1. A completed application form
    2. Your CV using the enclosed form
    3. A motivation letter of less than 2 pages.
    4. Scanned transcripts and degree certificates.
    5. Two letters of recommendation (letters should be sent by the referee directly to the UNB TRANSFOR-M coordinator)
  4. Upon receipt of your acceptance letter in the TRANSFOR-M program, you then apply to the UNB and European degree programs you selected. For UNB, please go to APPLY HERE (make sure you check the TRANSFOR-M box on the application)

The Interview may be conducted in-person, via skype, or by phone.  The purpose of the interview is to answer all your questions and ensure that you have a full understanding of the requirements and timelines for completing both the European and UNB degree components of the TRANSFOR-M program.  Once there is mutual agreement that you are a potential candidate for the program, you will be given an acceptance letter and invited to submit a TRANSFOR-M application.


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