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Master of Forestry (MF)

Master of Forestry

A graduate program that can launch Your forestry career.

Your program

The 1-year Master of Forestry (MF) graduate program in the Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management at UNB will expand on the knowledge and skills you acquired in previous university courses to give you an edge in building a meaningful forestry career. Typically, MF students are largely self-funded, with some research assistance funding provided through the Faculty. You have the option of studying full time or part time.

Throughout the program, you will study forestry at an advanced level through approved course work and by completing and presenting a major research project on a topic you and your supervisors choose. You will have the opportunity to study in a number of areas that are important to the forestry industry including forest management, forest fire and insect management, climate change, wildlife conservation, and innovative wood products. Coursework may be configured to allow you to qualify for RPF (Registered Professional Forester) status. 

The following outlines the major program requirements:

  • MF students require 24 ch of coursework (approximately 8 courses) plus a 6 ch research report.
  • Up to 50% of the 24 ch of coursework (approximately 4 courses) can be taken at the undergraduate (3000 or 4000) level. The remainder must be at the graduate (5000 or 6000) level. For a listing of potential courses, see the undergraduate and graduate forestry course listings.
  • Students can also select courses from outside of the Faculty, in consultation with their supervisor (and subject to any additional course or Faculty requirements).
  • Each student requires a faculty member supervisor for their 6 ch research report, and 2 additional members on their supervisory committee. 

Your career

Forestry Manager has recently been ranked as the #1 profession in Canada by the Canadian Business Magazine. A graduate degree in forestry from UNB can help you secure one of the many available forestry jobs across the country and beyond. 

Forestry offers many exciting career paths in the natural resource sector, including:

  • Forest operations manager
  • Forest GIS specialist
  • Forest/environmental consultant
  • Environmental protection specialist
  • Land use planner
  • Biostatistician

Admission/Application Requirements

  1. Applicants should hold an undergraduate degree in forestry, natural science, social science, or the equivalent from a recognized university with a minimum 3.0 (B) average. 
  2. International applicants whose first language is not English must submit language scores that meet or exceed international English language testing system (IELTS) band 7.
  3. Interested students must first contact a faculty member prior to applying to secure research supervision. 
  4. Applicants must then submit a completed application.
  5. Students can apply to this program at anytime and start at the beginning of any term 

Next steps

Take the next steps to advance your education and career