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Master of Science in Forest Engineering (MScFE)

A graduate program that can launch Your research career.

Your Program

The Master of Science in Forest Engineering (MScFE) is a research-oriented degree, and requires completion of a research proposal, a thesis and an approved course program. Some MScFE students are fully funded, depending upon the research requirements of the faculty member they study with. In addition to fully funded positions, self-funded students can also be accepted. You have the option of studying full time or part time.

This research based degree offers opportunities to study the application of forest engineering principles and methods in diverse ways under guidance from renowned professors and more. This program generally takes a minimum of 2 years to complete, and students have the option of studying full time or part time. Students can tailor their studies to address topics related to natural resource management, conversion of forest resources into value-added products, utilization of wood-based products in construction, and bio-energy production.

The following outlines the major program requirements:

  • MScFE students are required to take Research Methods (FOR6913) in their first year and be registered in their Thesis (FOR6997) every year of their program. Students must also register for Graduate Seminar (FOR6900) both Fall and Winter Terms and participate in a research symposium.
  • Each student requires a faculty member supervisor for their thesis, and 2 additional members on their supervisory committee.
  • Students and their supervisory committee will together select a course program that suits their needs.
  • Students will typically present a research proposal within the first year of their program, and are required to successfully defend their thesis to complete the program.

For more information on our program, contact Director of Graduate Studies, or ForEM Programs Assistant.

Admission/Application Requirements

  1. Applicants should hold an undergraduate degree in forestry, engineering, natural science or the equivalent from a recognized university with a minimum 3.0 (B) average.
  2. International applicants whose first language is not English must submit language scores that meet or exceed international English language testing system (IELTS) band 7.
  3. Interested students must first contact a faculty member prior to applying to secure research supervision.
  4.  Applicants must then submit a completed application.