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BScENR wildlife conservation course information

Wildlife Conservation

Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4

Courses and descriptions 

Year 1

Semester 1 (fall)

Biological Principles, Part I

Bio 1001/1006

Resource Mgmt Issues, Ethics and Communication I

ENR 1001

Introduction to Forestry

FOR 1001

Introduction to Forest Wildlife Ecology

FOR 2113

ESCI Option

Semester 2 (winter)

Biological Principles, Part II

BIO 1012/1017

Resource Mgmt Issues, Ethics and Communication II

ENR 1002

General Applied Chemistry


Calculus for Management Science

MATH 1823

ENGL Option

Year 2

Semester 1 (fall)

Evolutionary Genetics

Bio 2013/2018

Management of Natural Systems

FOR 2006

Autecology of Forest Vegetation

FOR 2425

Soils for Plant Growth

FOR 2505

STATS Option

Semester 2 (winter)

GIS in Forestry I

FOR 2281

Biological Diversity

BIO 2063/2068

Introduction to Ecology

BIO 2003

Social and Cultural Systems

ENR 2004

Constrained Option 


Year 3

Semester 1 (fall)

GIS in Forestry II

FOR 2282

Ecology of Populations and Communities

FOR 3445

Natural Resource Management, Institutions, Policy and Governance

ENR 2021

Applied Environmental Management

ENR 3002


Semester 2 (winter)

Constrained B

Constrained B

Constrained B Option



Year 4

Semester 1 (fall)

Field Camp

FOR 4973

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management

FOR 4545

Wildlife Management

BIO 4191

Management Practicum

ENR 4020


Semester 2 (winter)

Conservation Biology

BIO 4233

Management Practicum

ENR 4020