Mission Statement

Through professional stewardship of university buildings, grounds and infrastructure, we will provide an environment supportive of excellence and sustainability at UNB, Fredericton campus.


As a valued partner of the UNB Fredericton community, we:

  • Deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Provide exceptional facilities stewardship.
  • Maintain a positive work environment based on strong leadership, teamwork, integrity, respect, motivation, safety and professionalism.
  • Support a sustainable campus.


Overachieving goals will enable us to carry out our mission:

Employees Ensure the success and motivation of our employees by maintaining a working environment encouraging of trust, respect and teamwork.
Security and Safety Provide a safe, secure and respectful work environment.
Clients Develop relationships with our clients built on trust and understanding, through continuous improvement in communicating, anticipating and responding to their needs.
Process Improvement Ensure continuous and systematic process improvement to optimize university resources and improve service level.
Stewardship Manage, maintain, operate and improve the university's facilities, grounds and infrastructure in a manner that will support its mission.
Environment and Sustainability Reduce the campus' environmental footprint through management of utilities and resources.


We will achieve our vision by maintaining these values:

  • Quality: We endorse excellence through continuous improvement and take pride in delivering quality and value.
  • Work environment: The quality of our staff directly reflects on our strength, reputation and vitality. Through strong leadership, we foster an environment that will provide the best opportunity for employees to be successful, an environment that is respectful, honest, endorses teamwork, and insists on operational excellence.
  • Security and Safety: We promote a safe, secure and respectful work environment.
  • Customer service: Our focus is on the people we serve and the facilities they occupy. Client contact with us is a pleasant experience. Our success is the result of our efforts and is a reflection of how we are viewed by our clients.
  • Community: We respect the university as being a diverse community of interests.


Providing superior facilities management through team.