Role of Facilities Management

Facilities Management provides professional stewardship of the UNB Fredericton Campus buildings, grounds and infrastructure.

Through the provision of our services we strive to provide an environment supportive of excellence and sustainability.

UNB Fredericton CampusOur staff can be often seen out and about our campus - maintaining our grounds and roads, performing maintenance in your buildings, or ensuring the provision of custodial services.  However, what is not readily apparent is all the behind the scenes - be it in an underground service tunnel, an attic equipment room, or the Central Heating Plant on College Hill Road - work that is completed to provide and maintain reliable services to our campus in the form of heat, cooling, water and electricity.

Our stewardship encompasses the entire life cycle; from design to construction, to regular planned/routine maintenance, to unplanned repairs, to remodeling/refurbishment and ultimately potential demolition and disposal.

life cycle of an asset

There is never a wrong time to contact Facilities Management - whether you are in the very early planning stages of design or renovation of your space or you have an issue that requires immediate attention, we welcome hearing from you.

For a complete list of our services please see FM Services.