Management Team

Your primary contact with Capital Planning & Operations (Facilities Management) will normally be the Work Control Centre at 453-4889 or Fax 453-5183 or email FM. However, if you have specific questions or wish to discuss any aspect of Capital Planning & Operations service or operation, the following is the management team and their general area of responsibility. They welcome your contact.


Associate V.P Capital Planning & Operations Overall responsibility for Capital Planning & Operations which includes Facilites Management and Security. Mary Jane Adams 506-453-4525
Director of Energy and Sustainability  Responsible for the Central Heating Plant and tunnels as well as the Energy Management Program.  Tom Gilmore 506-453-5169
Director Maintenance Responsible for maintenance of all campus facilities, roads and grounds, and all trades staff. Stephen Torunski 506-452-6389
Director of Administrative Services   Responsible for all Capital Planning & Operations administration including budget, accounting, stores, purchasing, timekeeping, work control, post office, and staff. Jennifer Lloy 506-458-7587
Director of Projects Responsible for renvations on campus and all Major Capital Projects. Craig Hickey 506-458-7216
Director of Planning  Provides leadership on space planning, infrastructure renewal and pre-planning for major projects. Ron Shaddick 506-458-7576
Director of Security & Traffic Responsible for the safety of students, faculty and staff on the Fredericton Campus 24/7. Don Allen 506-458-7757