Management Team

Your primary contact with Facilities Management will normally be the Work Control Centre at 453-4889 or Fax 453-5183 or email FM. However, if you have specific questions or wish to discuss any aspect of Facilities Management service or operation, the following is the management team and their general area of responsibility. They welcome your contact.


Associate V.P Campus Operations Overall responsibility for Facilities Management. John Bigger 506-447-3353
Energy Manager   Responsible for the Central Heating Plant and tunnels as well as the Energy Management Program.  Tom Gilmore 506-453-5169
Maintenance Manager Responsible for maintenance of all campus facilities, roads and grounds, and all trades staff. Stephen Torunski 506-452-6389
Manager of Administrative Services   Responsible for all Facilities Management administration including budget, accounting, stores, purchasing, timekeeping, work control, post office, and staff. Jennifer Lloy 506-458-7587
Acting Project Manager   Responsible for provision of construction planning, design, estimates, construction project management and drafting services.  Ron Shaddick 506-458-7576