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Faculty of Engineering
UNB Fredericton

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Our research

There is a diverse range of research being conducted by engineering professors in earth sciences and civil engineering who are part of the GE Program.

Groundwater and surface water studies involve fieldwork and mathematical modelling to examine flow and contaminant transport, and impacts of climate change.

Geophysical methods for the detection of subsurface groundwater flow and aquifer characterizations are being developed for geotechnical engineering, groundwater, and mineral/energy resources applications.

Geotechnical projects such as foundation design, slope and trench stability analysis, and retaining wall design consider environmental factors such as precipitation and evaporation that have a significant effect on the mechanical behaviours of soils.

Geo-environmental studies involve developing laboratory and field assessment techniques with applications to numerical modelling for the Deep Geological Repository (DGR), Cemented Paste Backfill Technology (CPB), Engineered Barrier System (Sand-Bentonite) Underground Storage of Natural Gas, and Geothermal Energy.