Early Childhood Concentration

The early childhood concentration is designed for students planning to teach in kindergarten, primary grades, and community-based programs for young children.  Our program focuses on early literacies and the connections between homes, schools, and communities as contexts for learning.  Many of our courses include practical experience in the UNB Children's Centre.  Our social and pedagogical approach emphasizes the social and cultural contexts of learning with respect for diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

ED 5062 - Cultural Constructions of Childhood
An historical examination of cultural constructions of childhood and family and the implications of these various constructions upon the education of young children.

ED 5105 - Connecting Home and Schooled Literacies
This course will examine the theory and practice of connecting home and school for the development of a literate community.

ED 5102 - Curriculum and Evaluation in the Early Years
Examines characteristics of early years learners and the roll of the teacher as observer and curriculum developer in theory and practice.

ED 5362 - Symbolic Representation in Children's Play, Picture, and Print
Examines theory in practice of young children and symbolic representation as the context of their emerging literacies.


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