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UNB Children's Centre

Our Early Childhood program has been offered since 1975. It was founded by Professor Pam Nason (1944 - 2010), a leader in Early Childhood Education in New Brunswick.

The classroom serves as a demonstration site for the Education program and has been a research site for curriculum development including the first NB Kindergarten Curriculum, Young Children Learning, Parenting for a Literate Community, and the New Brunswick Curriculum for Early Learning and Childcare - English.

Classroom teachers, student teachers, and Early Childhood professors contribute to the classroom curriculum creating a unique and personalized environment for your child.

Family handbook


We use the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care – English (2008) to plan the four, broad based goals to develop the curriculum.

Daily learning activities, in support of the four broad based curriculum goals are developed out of the interests, passions, and strengths of children, their families, and teachers, as well as seasonal and cultural events.

Our classroom is a flexible environment where playful exploration, problem solving, and creativity are encouraged and purposefully planned. Children’s literacies and literate identities are valued and supported.

We believe that children are active learners who are influenced by their relationships. We take care to cultivate children’s learning through responsive and respectful relationships.

It is our intention to welcome children and adults alike. We invite you to visit the classroom and participate in activities or contribute in other ways. Please help us include your families’ experiences into our program.

Our inclusion & diversity policy

We recognize that each child embodies race, religion, culture, language, social and economical status, gender, sexual orientation, and ability in unique and dynamic ways, we acknowledge that paying close attention to these differences ensures equitable access and opportunities for children and their families.

We enact a curriculum that is responsive to differences, with a capacity to provide additional support as required to ensure each child’s right to full participation. We enact respectful and responsive relationships work to ensure a sense of belonging and community among children, educators, and families.