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MCS course requirements

All Master of Computer Science (MCS) students must complete CS6003 (Research Methods) as part of their degree, in addition to the required number of courses given below.

Other courses must be approved by the student's supervisor and the director of graduate studies in order to be counted towards the MCS degree.

Master of Computer Science (MCS), thesis option

  • five courses (15 credits) plus a thesis CS6997
  • no fewer than three CS6xxx courses
  • no more than two CS5xxx courses
  • no more than one CS4xxx course

Master of Computer Science (MCS), report option

  • eight courses (24 credits) plus a report CS6996
  • no fewer than four CS6xxx courses
  • no more four CS5xxx courses
  • no more than two CS4xxx courses

Master of Computer Science by Coursework (MCSC)

  • four graduate courses (numbered 6xxx)
  • four approved courses at 3xxx level or above (graduate students are not eligible to enroll in undergraduate core courses – CS3383, CS3413, CS3853, CS3873, CS3997)
  • two graduate courses or master’s project (by individual arrangement)
  • up to 3 courses may potentially be approved courses from other faculties, as appropriate for the student's degree program, such as complementary studies in business, math, science or engineering
  • normally the program must include at least six CS graduate courses
  • Undergraduate CS, SWE, and INFO courses are all considered to be computer science faculty courses
  • core undergraduate courses are not eligible for credit towards the MCSC

Notes on course requirements

  • Course requirements are minimum requirements.
  • Students may be required to take additional courses at the graduate or undergraduate level to make up deficiencies or as preparation in specific areas.
  • At least two-thirds of the course work must be from the Faculty of Computer Science.
  • Courses from other faculties can only be taken if they are approved as appropriate for the student's program.
  • One Directed Studies course (CS6999) can be included in the course selection.
  • No more than two courses may be taken from the student's supervisor(s).
  • Students from the UNB BCS Honours program will receive credit towards the Master by Thesis for one CS4XXX course otherwise taken.

Course listings

Extra courses and audited courses

Additional courses

Occasionally, graduate students wish to take courses that are in addition to the courses required for their graduate program. These extra courses are to be identified by a “X” while registering. They will not contribute to the program CGPA. Normally, students must pay for these courses in addition to the program fee (see Financial Services and Fees).

However, if the supervisor recommends that these extra courses should be taken because they benefit the student in his/her graduate work, the additional fees may be waived by the School of Graduate Studies. Students must apply to the director of graduate studies, with a letter of support from their supervisor, prior to the course registration for this fee waiver.

Audited courses

Occasionally, graduate students wish to audit a course that is beneficial to their academic program. Permission to audit a course is given by the instructor of that course, who also determines the extent of required and/or permissible participation in the course work, such as assignments, tests and laboratories. Auditing a course must be approved by the supervisor and director of graduate Studies, and students must register for all audited courses.

Audited courses obtain no final grade, cannot be counted for credit towards a degree program, and an audited course cannot be taken later as a course for credit.