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Peer mentors

A peer mentor is an upper-year undergraduate student who has volunteered to lead one of our Faculty of Computer Science "houses.” As house leader, the mentor will support students who are new to the Faculty of Computer Science at UNB and will also work with returning house members to foster a sense of house pride and mutual support among the members.

Typically, about 20 new students are assigned to each house in September. House leaders are particularly important during fall orientation, when they help their new house members with any outstanding course registration issues, lead them through various fun activities, and help them become familiar with the CS buildings, the campus and Fredericton. However, house leaders also provide continued support throughout the school year.

An effective house leader is someone who empathizes with others and who is interested in conveying a positive image of UNB and of the Faculty of Computer Science. House leaders generally find the experience both fun and rewarding.

Identifying your peer mentor or house leader

All new students will be "sorted" into a Faculty of Computer Science house (which is what we call our peer mentor groups). You will meet your house leader, and the other new members of your CS house, during faculty orientation in September.

In September, our undergraduate secretary will have a list of all first-year students (as well as transfer students who are new to our faculty) and the corresponding CS house in which they have each been placed.

If you were unable to attend orientation and you do not yet know which CS house you are in and/or you do not have the contact information for your house leader, stop by IT-C314 or email

Becoming a peer mentor or house leader

If you have a B- average (2.7 GPA) or better, and are interested in getting involved with new students, you should consider becoming a house leader. Simply fill out the peer mentor application. Note the deadline at the top of the form. 

We are looking for house leaders for both the fall and winter terms. If you are available for the fall term, but will be away in the winter, or vice versa, we still want you to apply! We often have to replace house leaders who leave for a co-op work term in January. This is not a problem.

In order to be a house leader for the fall term, you must be available during orientation week.