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About the Faculty of Computer Science

Internal Faculty of Computer Science Services and Support

The Faculty of Computer Science brings together over 20 faculty and 500 students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We encourage discovery, collaboration and creative exploration through an environment that engenders innovation.

We are the first Canadian Faculty of Computer Science, established in 1990, but our history with computers dates all the way back to 1959.

You have world experts within arms’ reach in their classrooms, computer labs and in the public.

Earn and learn

Our accredited co-op program gives students paid, hands-on experience and personal development. This option lays the foundation of your successful career.

We are the only computer science program in Canada with a dedicated entrepreneurship space that provides mentoring and networking opportunities, workshops and one-on-one support for student entrepreneurs.

A research powerhouse

We are one of N.B.’s strongest research faculties, with well-published faculty members, unique industry collaborations and close links to government and the private sector. We also have an annual research expo and ongoing seminar series.

Our archive of technical reports dates back to 1974.

Research centres