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Andy Scott, 1955-2013

Hon. Robert Andrew (Andy) Keith Scott P.C.

Andy Scott was a member of the Department of Sociology for many years, beginning as an undergraduate student in sociology in 1974 and then as a Master’s Student in 1979. In 1981, he left to begin his long and successful career in public service. He was an active member of the Liberal Party and ran for Parliament in 1993, winning a seat in Fredericton. He was re-elected in 1997 and was appointed solicitor general by Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.

Another former prime minister, Paul Martin, reappointed him to cabinet as Minister of State in 2003 and later as Minister of Indian Affairs in 2004. His proudest achievement in this capacity was the role he played in the Kelowna Accord.

After retiring from public office Andy became the Andrews Senior Fellow in Social Policy at UNB and the Executive Director of the New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network. In these roles he was instrumental in forging research relationships between researchers and government, and in furthering countless research projects. He was an instructor of Public Policy for the College of Extended Learning and a guest lecturer in public policy related subjects in various departments at University of New Brunswick, St. Thomas University, and Crandall University.

He was a member of the NB2026 Roundtable, co-chair of the public engagement initiative on Learning, vice-chair of the Atlantic Institute on Aging, co-chair of the Ombudsman's inquiry into children living in First Nations communities, and a Canadian Delegate to New Synthesis 6, an international exploration of modern government. Andy delivered lectures at national IPAC meetings and the Queens Lecture Series on the Kelowna Accord.

In the Department of Sociology he contributed to teaching and supervision of graduate students and was part of the organizing committee of Qualitatives 2008 an international conference that brought together over 200 qualitative researchers from around the world. He provided advice to faculty on their research initiatives, guidance to countless undergraduate students, and took an active role in departmental charity events. His office door was always open and we miss him very much.

Andy Scott honoured by YMCA

The Fredericton YMCA has posthumously honoured the late Mr. Andy Scott with its 2014 YMCA Peace Medallion. The medallion recognizes the accomplishments of individuals who – without any special resources – are able to stand as models of the contributions all persons could make if they chose.

Mr. Scott championed the Kelowna Accord to provide resources and address gaps to aboriginal communities. He was also an Honorary Witness for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. His last project was to establish the New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network (NBSPRN) at UNB to bridge the gap between academics and policy makers.