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Ethics certificate

Responding to the needs of full-time and part-time UNB students

The primary goal of this certificate is to help students who are interested in developing and demonstrating competency in theoretical and applied ethics.

The certificate provides students with the opportunity to gain a university-level credential in ethics that they can transfer to their jobs, their volunteer life, their profession and more.

This certificate is the only one of its kind in New Brunswick.


The certificate is built on the existing academic structure of the Department of Philosophy, but is interdisciplinary in nature and will include courses that are offered by multiple departments across UNB.

The certificate is comprised of eighteen (18) credit hours and offered in the following four areas of concentration:

  • ethical theory
  • health ethics
  • business ethics
  • environmental ethics


Admission to the certificate program requires the student’s admission into an existing undergraduate program at UNB, or the completion of a secondary school education for students who choose to take the certificate as a stand-alone degree.

Required courses

Students need to complete six courses, with a minimum grade of B-, for a total of 18 credit hours, including:

Three (3) core courses, including:

  • PHIL 1101 (Critical Thinking)
  • A 2000 or 3000 level course in Ethical Theory (e.g. PHIL 2201 or 3361)
  • A breadth requirement drawn from a certificate area of concentration in applied ethics that is NOT being pursued by the student.

Three (3) elective courses in the student’s area of concentration, including:

  • One 3000-level course
  • Philosophy majors cannot take more than one elective course from their home department

The academic calendar has a list of the current courses available for the program.