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About philosophy

Studying philosophy means discovering what you believe and why.

You will gain essential analytical and critical thinking skills, while becoming aware of the assumptions made in other disciplines.

Brilliant thinkers such as Plato, Nietzche, Simone Weil or Descartes have thought deeply about the fundamental questions of life. We will make you acquainted with their work.

Join us for fascinating conversations about big questions which everyone is interested in.

From a philosophy degree to Fortune 500

Studying philosophy means receiving training for other professions, such as law or medicine.

Did you know the most common major or honours subject taken by Fortune 500 CEOs is philosophy?

The five areas of philosophy


These questions focus on the nature of reality. Is matter all that exists? Can the mind survive the death of a body?


How can we know what we claim to know? If matter is all that exists, then how do we know that this is all that exists?


These questions focus on what we should do. Can a person lie? Should the recreational use of certain drugs be made legal?


How do we structure arguments, from premises to conclusions? Can the premise guarantee the truth of the conclusion?


Is beauty purely subjective? Are there objective standards? Why can tragedy be beautiful, or why is art terrifying and beautiful?