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International Development Studies programs

An arts program with a global vision and excellent career prospects

International Development Studies can help you start your career in a changing world.

You can choose from three program options: minor, double major and joint honours.

Getting started


A minor in international development will enhance any degree and any career.

Professionals in many fields work in international development, including community nursing, environmental engineering, small business development and policy analysis.

A minor in international development can help you make the connection between technical assistance and its social and cultural context, or add a global perspective to your studies.

Students in any discipline, including leadership studies, business administration, engineering, science and arts are eligible to complete a minor in International Development Studies. You will need to take eight courses, including the two IDS core courses.

You can complete your minor concurrently with your UNB degree.

Double major and joint honours

UNB offers the only degrees in International Development Studies in New Brunswick.

Students in the Faculty of Arts can pursue a double major or joint honours in International Development Studies, combined with programs that include anthropology, culture and media studies, economics, history, political science, psychology and sociology.

Six departments in the Faculty of Arts work together to make International Development Studies possible:

  • Anthropology
  • Culture and media studies
  • Economics
  • History
  • Political science
  • Sociology