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International Development Studies course listings

The International Development Studies program has changed over the past few years. Your program of study depends on when you started at UNB.

Contact the program coordinator at for more information.

Courses offered by the IDS program

Any student can take IDS courses as electives.

Our Facebook page has information about courses, upcoming events and experiential learning opportunities.

IDS Practicum

IDS 4003 integrates learning with a community-based service project or overseas international development initiative. It enriches students' education by providing a unique opportunity for acquiring first-hand skills and experiences.

IDS electives

Students who started before Sept. 2016

Students wishing to take a double-major or joint-honours in IDS can use their 2 and tier 3 credits interchangeably to meet elective requirements.

Students who started in Sept. 2016 or later

Students wishing to pursue a double-major or joint-honours in IDS will be required to acquire a combination of tier 2 and tier 3 credit hours. Consult calendar for full details.

Tier 2 courses

Tier 2 IDS electives are the main IDS-supporting courses offered by the departments that contribute to the IDS program. They are offered on a rotational basis.


Comparative Cultural Studies (World Literature and Culture Studies)




Political Science


Tier 3 electives

Tier 3 Electives are additional IDS-supporting courses offered by the departments that contribute to the IDS program.

For up-to-date information about Tier 3 course offerings, contact the Director of International Development Studies, Dr. Thom Workman.