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Major in English

The major in English offers students the opportunity to pursue their studies with a good deal of freedom in the choice of courses. Students can complete a single major in English, or combine English with another Arts discipline for a double major.

Students with a high standing in introductory courses and a particular interest in English should consider entering the honours program.

Students can also complete a major in English with a creative writing emphasis.

Program requirements


Students can count in this minimum no more than a total of 9 ch of upper-level courses drawn from the following group:

  • Film studies
  • Writing (creative, expository or screen)
  • Theatre (drama production)

No course may be counted toward the fulfilment of the minimum major requirement unless it is passed with a grade of C or better.

Students transferring credits from another university should note that at least half of the advanced credits counted toward a UNB English major must be from courses taken at the University of New Brunswick.

All courses for the major must be free electives (that is, electives which are not used to meet faculty requirements or those of another program) within a student's program.

All students entering the major should consult with the director of majors, honours and minors.