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Study abroad opportunities

The Department of Classics & Ancient History offers many opportunities for students to study in the Mediterranean and other locations overseas, earning credit towards their UNB degree.

Students can either take part in a travel study program to Greece or Rome, studying some of the ancient world’s most important sites and museums under the guidance of UNB faculty, or participate in an archaeological field-school, earning credit as they hone their skills in the techniques of modern archaeological excavation.

Archaeology field schools

In order to learn the techniques used by today’s classical archaeologists, students can earn credit towards their degree by participating in a field school in the Mediterranean or elsewhere in Europe.

UNB students regularly participate in archaeological excavations in Greece and Italy, and also in northern European countries such as Poland. Scholarships are available for students majoring or honouring in Classics.

For information on archaeological field schools, contact Maria Papaioannou.

Arts travel study programs

Every year, students will have the opportunity to participate in a three-week travel study program in May–June, earning up to six credit hours at the 3000-level towards their degree.

UNB faculty members in the Department of Classics and Ancient History are involved in two programs, Greece and Rome.

In Greece, students visit Athens, the birthplace of democracy, for several days, before exploring much of the country via private coach. In Rome, students live in the “Eternal City,” learning to use the subway and bus systems to live as the Romans do while exploring the history of a great city and civilization.

Scholarship are available for students majoring or honouring in classics.

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