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About Classics and Ancient History

The subjects we study are ancient ones, but they resonate in the modern world. By taking courses in classics and ancient history, you can discover how the legacies of Greece and Rome shape our own society, and wrestle with many of the same questions that famous thinkers and ordinary people have been asking for centuries.

Classics and ancient history is an interdisciplinary department. From an ancient perspective, we offer instruction in a broad array of disciplines covered by the Faculty of Arts.

In addition to exploring many disciplines ourselves, our courses also relate well to other fields of study, such as history, drama, philosophy, gender and women’s studies, anthropology and even geodesy and geomatics engineering!

Why study classics and ancient history

Studying in classics and ancient history will make you a better communicator and more careful reader. It will also prepare you for a variety of careers and for advanced study in graduate and professional schools such as law and education.

Our courses and programs will make you a more thoughtful and engaged member of society. In classics and ancient history, we want to make your head a more interesting place to be for the rest of your life!