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Comparative Cultural Studies

Study the many forms of cultural expressions to understand how culture is foundational to communication, identity and community around the world.

The focus of the Comparative Cultural Studies (CCS) program is international and comparative. You learn about culture(s) and arts across time periods and geographic origin, in a range of contexts and representations, and through practical and theoretical perspectives.

Along with the study of a second language, you take courses in a range of disciplines primarily from a cross-cultural perspective. These courses include:

  • popular culture and cultural theory
  • literature and the arts
  • music
  • film, video, videogames, and television

It is through critical comparative analysis and study that we can truly begin to understand others and their traditions, identities, and realities alongside those of our own.

This program ultimately allows you to view your world in new and exciting ways! A set of core course provides a foundation for the study of culture and an introduction to world literature and texts. International thematic courses give students the opportunity to select a stream:

  • CCS with a cross-cultural focus
  • CCS with a Spanish/Latin-American focus
  • CCS with a German Cultural Studies focus

Couple your degree in CCS with participation in a travel study or exchange program to make it a truly enriching experience!