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Faculty of Arts
UNB Fredericton

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Research interests

Lauren Cruikshank

  • New Media & Digital Culture
  • Game Studies
  • Popular Culture
  • The Body
  • Technology & Culture
  • Feminist Media Theory

Anette Guse

  • 18th and 20th century German literature and culture
  • German language acquisition
  • Music-theatre
  • Opera
  • Performing arts

Anna Hamling

  • 19th and 20th Century Peninsular
  • Latin American literature and culture
  • Polish and Russian narrative
  • Contemporary culture of Latin America and Spain
  • Use of technology in second language acquisition
  • Music, dance
  • Religion
  • Non-violence

Sophie M. Lavoie

  • Women’s writing and social change in Central America, Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Links between women’s writing, empowerment, and revolutionary action during the Sandinista era in Nicaragua

Sabine LeBel

  • E-waste & planned obsolescence
  • Affective responses to moments of technological failure
  • Technologies as connected to larger infrastructures of production & disposal

Scott Preston

  • Film genres, especially horror and supernatural narratives
  • Canadian cinema
  • Popular culture
  • Film history
  • Comparative media studies

Allan Reid

  • Literary theory (Bakhtin, Lotman)
  • World literature
  • Russian literature (Babel, Aksyonov; Bulgakov; Gorbanevskaia)