Randall Martin


DPhil Oxford


Carleton Hall 328


1 506 458 7407

My research interests are Shakespeare and early modern drama and culture, ecology and environmentalism, textual studies, and ecodramaturgy.

Most recently I have written Shakespeare and Ecology (OUP, 2015), co-edited a special issue on “Eco-Shakespeare in Performance” with Evelyn O’Malley for Shakespeare Bulletin (36.3 Fall 2018), and published two articles in Shakespeare Survey: “Evolutionary Naturalism and Embodied Ecology in Shakespearian Performance (with a scene from King John)” (2018), and “Economies of Gunpowder and Ecologies of Peace: accounting for sustainability” (2019).

My earlier publications include Women, Murder, and Equity in Early Modern England, a book about the effects of early modern journalism on the trials of accused women murderers (Routledge, 2007; SSHRC funded), Shakespeare/Adaptation/Modern Drama: Essays in Honour of Jill L. Levenson (UTP, 2011) co-edited with Katherine Scheil, and over 40 articles and essays.

I have also edited Henry VI Part Three for the Oxford Shakespeare (2001; SSHRC funded) and Every Man Out of His Humour for the Cambridge Complete Works of Ben Jonson (2011), and I am editing Antony and Cleopatra for the Internet Shakespeare Editions (ise@uvic.ca).

At the moment I am finishing on a SSHRC-supported book on Shakespeare, St Paul, and Dramatic Modernity, and leading an international eco-theatrical research project, “Cymbeline in the Anthropocene” (#CymbelineAnthropocene), also SSHRC-funded.