Department of Anthropology Faculty and Staff | UNB
Arthur Anderson Honorary Research Associate
Judy Babin Administrative Assistant Annex C 28
Tracy Betsinger Adjunct Professor
Matthew Betts Adjunct Professor
David Black Honorary Research Professor Enterprise 1, Rm. 006
Susan Blair Professor Annex C 26
Darcy Dignam Honorary Research Associate
David Ebert Adjunct Professor
Gabriel Hrynick Associate Professor Annex C 32A
Karen Hutton Stipend Instructor
Koumari Mitra Professor Annex C 21
Erik Moore Librarian
Mallory Moran Honorary Research Associate
Courtenay Parlee Honorary Research Associate
Katherine Patton Adjunct Professor
Maria Recchia Honorary Research Associate
Marieka Sax Adjunct Professor
Amy Scott Associate Professor Annex C 27
Lucia Tramonte Professor and Chair Tilley Hall 19
Daniel Tubb Associate Professor Annex C 22
Melanie Wiber Professor Emerita Annex C 32