Department of Anthropology Faculty and Staff | UNB
Arthur Anderson Honorary Research Associate
Judy Babin Administrative Assistant Annex C 28
Tracy Betsinger Adjunct Professor
Matthew Betts Adjunct Professor
David Black Honorary Research Professor Enterprise 1, Rm. 006
Susan Blair Professor Annex C 26
Darcy Dignam Honorary Research Associate
David Ebert Adjunct Professor
Gabriel Hrynick Associate Professor Annex C 32A
Karen Hutton Stipend Instructor
Koumari Mitra Professor Annex C 21
Erik Moore Librarian
Mallory Moran Honorary Research Associate
Courtenay Parlee Honorary Research Associate
Maria Recchia Honorary Research Associate
Amy Scott Associate Professor Annex C 27
Alex Sumner Adjunct Professor
Lucia Tramonte Professor and Chair Tilley Hall 19
Daniel Tubb Associate Professor Annex C 22
Melanie Wiber Professor Annex C 32