Responsible stewardship

The University of New Brunswick Land Management Strategy was approved by the Board of Governors in October 2003.

The University recognizes the tremendous importance of being a responsible steward of its lands and adopted an overall land management strategy to guide the University in the management of its valuable land assets. These include more than 8,000 acres of land in eleven geographic areas of the province.

Brook McIlroy Planning & Urban Design, was hired to prepare the strategy — with assistance from Jacques Whitford Environmental Limited, ADI Ltd., and Hemson Consulting — for the Properties Committee of the UNB Board of Governors under the auspices of the Office of the Associate Vice-President (Capital Planning and Property Development).

An extensive process of consultation and review was undertaken throughout the development of the strategy, including interim presentations to the Board of Governors, to members of the university community and to a substantial number of community stakeholders. The development of the strategy took about three and a half years.

Supporting UNB's strategic plan

UNB's objective is to be a good neighbour.  As a university, it is important to go above and beyond what is environmentally legislated, which we aim to do with all our development projects.  The University works hard to achieve the appropriate balance not only from a financial perspective, but also from an environmental perspective.

The land management strategy details the guiding principles for the management of university land assets and outlines policy areas to ensure the fulfillment of institutional goals and the strategic plan, recognizing the diverse stakeholders who use university land. This comprehensive strategy highlights the future direction of land management and ensures that the University is achieving the best return on its land holdings while fulfilling its institutional mission.

UNB seeks to conserve and preserve its ecologically, educationally and or environmentally valuable land holdings.

Over the past decade much of UNB’s development focus has been on its land holdings in the Fredericton area.  In recent years, a small portion of UNB’s Heritage Lands in Fredericton was identified for mixed-use development to generate additional revenues for the University.

Responsible development

UNB is committed to gradual, thoughtful and responsible land development carried out under strict principles of appropriate design and long-term sustainability. UNB recognizes and respects the public’s active interest in its land holdings and will strive to ensure a healthy balance among education, conservation, development and recreation.

2018 Municipal rezoning and land use proposal

UNB is pursuing two land management activities to facilitate potential future developments within the UNB Woodlot. Learn more about the 2018 municipal rezoning and land use proposal.